miércoles, 3 de agosto de 2011

As always, as never.

I am here for two reasons. The first one is that I love you. Well, I really think is the first  reason and the only one, but I need two to make this video and hear this song.
You always said "I miss you" like a obligation, like it were a promise you should comply. And I want to explain you what's miss someone.
See, it's easy: You feel it or you don't feel it. Do you think love is like a electrocardiogram? It's a wrong thought.

And now, all the things we dread and all the things we were, all our monsters, all errors and all that we've become are here, between my four walls, with me in my bedroom. The worse is I can't let them go. I can't let it go, they're inside me. The most I try, the most I fail. These monsters are part of me and is this who I am, how I am. You are the guilty of the story.
Maybe, our story is not the best, moreover, I know is not . It could have been the best and it has been the worse. We could have been love, and we're hate. You could have been my miracle, and you're my big mess.

Your thoughts about flying among clouds, your dreams about see the world, the people, the sea. All were our dreams, and already are my nightmare everynight, and everyday, and... And I don't know, fuck, I don't know what's happening in universe, in my life, in me!
I don't know what's going on and I don't want know it!

The second reason is you destroyed my life. It's easy to see reading last paragraph. 
I fell in love with you one time. And really, I don't needed more than one.
Sometimes I walked close to your house and I thought "If he would go out from his door a day, I wish he never would enter again". And so it was, he escaped with me to the dark side of the love. We never came back to our origins, we were too busy hurting each other. There was no time to visits.
Anyway, the time we lived was the most beautiful in my existence, and that's the only force that keeps me alive. Maybe I was wrong and you don't deserve my time, my love. But, finally, as always, is yours, It's for you, I'm yours. As always, as never.

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