viernes, 30 de julio de 2010

House with no door.

There's a house with no door and I'm living there at nights, it gets so cold and the days are hard to bear inside.
There's a house with no roof, so the rain creeps in, falling through my head as I try to think out time.
You call my name, but it sounds unreal... I forget how I feel, and my body's rejecting the cure.

There's a house with no bell, but then nobody calls, I sometimes find it hard to tell if any are alive at all outside.
There's a house with no sound, it's quiet there...
there's not much point in words if there's no-one to share in time.

I've learned my lines, I know them so well, I am ready to tell
whoever will finally come in.
Of the line in my mind, that's cold in the night, it doesn't seem right
when there's that little dark figure running...

There's a house with no door and there's no living there: one day it became a wall ... Well, I didn't really care at the time.
There's a house with no light, all the windows are sealed, overtaxed and strained now nothing is revealed but time.

2 Gritos al vacío :

Ácida dijo...

Me encanta la foto. Te queda ese color genial en los labios.

- Undone. dijo...

Gracias ^^

Si escuchas la canción de esta entrada, lo mismo también te encanta!!

Un besito!

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